Omni-Sense White Cane Tip

Rotacaster’s new white cane tip introduces omni-wheel technology to white canes for the visually impaired and is an excellent aid for people using constant contact cane techniques.

The omni-wheel design allows the cane tip to move in all directions just like conventional cane tips but offers significant additional benefits such as: improved sensory and auditory feedback and does not wear out as quickly as many conventional cane tips.

Omni-Sense White Cane Tip Benefits:

  • Better auditory feedback.

  • Better sensory feedback.

  • Better indication of changes in terrain.

  • Ease of movement in all directions when in contact with the ground.

  • Last much longer than conventional cane tips.

Omni-Sense White Cane Tip Features:

  • Omni-wheel technology allowing fluid, 360 degree movement across a range or surfaces.

  • Tough, durable polymer construction for extended wear.

  • Available in different attachment types: hook-on, push-on.

  • Resting stand.

  • Non-corrosive.

  • Easy to clean. 

  • Dishwasher safe.

  • 12 month warranty, inclusive of wear.

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Used and Developed With Ian Edwards, The Blind Chef

Ian Edwards also known as The Blind Chef helped us develop the the Omni-Sense and agreed to trial it for us. After six months of extensive use, this is what he had to say:


“It works well for me both inside and outside. The weight of the attachment is no heavier than a normal ball but it has a lot more wear. On different surfaces it gives me a better feeling, I know where I am, what I am doing; with the sounds as well as the rollers, they make a difference compared to a normal ball. The feedback in my arm changes depending on the surface I am on.”

Omni-wheel Technology In White Cane Tips.

Omni-wheels are different from regular wheels in that they have specialised rollers attached to them around the circumference of the main wheel disc. These rollers allow a wheel to move easily in all directions, similar to a caster wheel, but much more fluidly and don’t catch or stick. 

Rotacaster’s world-leading, omni-wheel technology is unique due to its patented construction, non-corrosive materials and unrivalled strength and durability.

Find out more about omni-wheels here.

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Omni Wheel is a trademark of Rotacaster Wheel Pty Ltd, an Australian company focused on the manufacture of its own patented multi-directional omni wheels. This innovative group focused on delivering intuitive mobility is located near Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia.


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