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Intuitive and predictable omni directional mobility






The OMNIA™ omni wheel combines the simplicity and functionality of a fixed wheel with the mobility of a swivel caster without the need to turn or swivel the wheel. 

The OMNIA™ omni-wheel uses patented production processes and designs that create the most rebust, reliable and adaptable omni wheel, anywhere.


How do OMNIA omni wheels work?

The OMNIA wheel works by having the main wheel on an axel (allowing forward and backward motion). The 360° movement is achieved through the external rollers which provide multi-directional movement without any load shifting and unintentional directional change

Tough. Strong. Resilient.

The corrosion resistant, all polymer design is pound for pound stronger than any other omni-wheel on the market and suitable to mission critical use as floor wheels, conveyor transfers or in robotics, AGVs and AMRs.

Directionally stable

Thanks to the fixed mounting position and dominant primary rolling direction, the OMNIA omni-wheel allows stable transfer of loads without detours or scrubbing.

Wheel sizes


Over 100
different combinations

Omnia's expansive industry knowledge and experience means we know that there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for every application, even within individual sectors. 

We offer an extensive range of configurations to ensure you get the best possible omni wheel for your application,


  • bearing seats

  • bores

  • bearings

  • bushings

  • drive inserts

  • mounts

  • roller hardness (Shore A)


Take a closer look at our biggest
and best omni wheel - 180mm

OMNIA-46 lo-res.jpg

Fluid movement of Items in any direction

Providing the robustness and ride quality of an industrial floor wheel, the patented polymer construction brings a new level of performance to conveyor rollers and transfer tables.

  • 360° manoeuvrability

  • High impact resistance and load capacity

  • Less downtime due to lost rollers and maintenance

  • Easy installation and integration with existing conveyor systems

  • An alternative to a ball transfer unit

Royal Hobart Hospital Robot.jpeg

Robotics, AGVs and AMRs

High performance robot omni wheels

Built with the durability and ride quality of an industrial floor wheel, the multi-directional OMNIA™ omni-wheel is a high performance robotic wheel. Its unique construction makes it the perfect tool in enabling fast and precise movement in tight spaces with a choice of polyurethane or Santoprene rollers for outstanding durability and traction.

  • Engineering grade polymer structure

  • No internal steel inserts or pins

  • Choice of polyurethane rollers for optimum durability

  • Fully bushed rollers ensure smooth consistent motion

  • Optional Satoprene rollers deliver greater traction and acceleration

  • Fully injection-moulded frame - no lost rollers

  • Fully bushed rollers ensure smooth consistent motion

  • Engineered to minimise roller play on axles


Ergonomic materials handling

Immediately increase productivity and safety

The OMNIA™ wheel has been successfully integrated into the award winning Rotatruck™. The Rotatruck's unique design, fully supports loads and minimises the need to balance or pull back the load weight, reducing the risk of operator injury and improving productivity.

Proven to require:

  • 78% less effort negotiating kerbs

  • 67% less effort navigating doorways

  • 58% less pull back effort

  • 32% less pull-back bending

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