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    It’s true to say that we don’t know a better solution until we see it. And this is certainly the case when it comes to the 360⁰ wheel. For over a century, it’s been the castor wheel giving everything from conveyors to robots and shopping trolleys multidirectional movement. But while it’s been the only solution to date, a new, highly functional and capable alternative now exists. If you haven’t heard of an omni wheel, you’re not the only one. Most people we speak to haven’t. But this ingenious piece of engineering has revolutionised mobility and can be a game-changer for your business. How? By giving you the ability to differentiate and innovate. The capabilities of the omni wheel The unique design and construction of our omni wheels is what gives them their unique capabilities. Our omni wheels are manufactured entirely from engineering polymer. They have an injection moulded web-like structure and a multidirectional capability that comes from over-moulded rollers on an outer rim, as opposed to a swivel mount. This delivers the following: Enhanced directional control –  An omni wheel tracks in the direction it’s pointed and responds directly to the direction of force applied to it, providing a more intuitive user experience. Even across inclines, it provides greater control due to the use of secondary rollers instead of a swivel mount. Load stability – Because they have a fixed mounting (no swivel offset to work around), omni wheels have a fixed relationship to the load platform and, therefore, the centre of the load. It also allows for a wider wheelbase with the same footprint, further adding to stability. Reduced housing and space height – Because it doesn’t have a swivel mount, the mounted height for the same size wheel is reduced. It also means only minimal space is needed to house an omni wheel within a product. Easy, safe pivot – The simply supported fixed mounting of our omni wheels enables you to pivot off a pair of wheels more easily and safely. This is opposed to the lead-follow relationship of a castor that requires more effort due to the cantilever of the offset and can lead to uncontrolled rotation of the swivel. Impact resistance – Because of their strong, injection-moulded web-like design, our omni wheels (unlike other omni wheels) have high load capacity and impact resistance that rival and, in many cases, match the castor wheel. Greater ability to load share – Because they act independently, multiple omni wheels can be used adjacent to each other without creating resistance due to misalignment. Swivel castors, by comparison, need to act in unison with one another. No castor flutter – Our omni wheels eliminate castor flutter. This is due to their fixed mount that delivers stability and control. Multiple (simple) mounting options – The omni wheel can be mounted using a traditional fixed fork mount or on a continuous axle shaft or bolt fixing in a simply supported manner. The business opportunity: differentiate and innovate The capabilities of our omni wheel make them ideal for any environment, including tough environments and industrial applications, and present you with two exciting business opportunities: differentiation and innovation. If you currently use castors in a product or application, for example, perhaps you use them on your medical trolleys or factory carts, replacing them with our omnidirectional wheels can improve safety, functionality and user experience. Because of this, by making this switch, you can set your product apart from competitors and stay ahead in the market. Our omni wheel is also a starting point for innovation. It has capabilities that you didn’t know were possible until now. Knowing them can spark inspiration for new products and applications that would have previously been unthinkable. Just imagine what you could build with fluid, multidirectional movement at your fingertips. Omnia Wheel in action To get your design and engineering juices flowing, here are four examples of what’s already been made possible through the application of our omni wheel. An ergonomic hand truck Problem: Traditional hand trucks carrying heavy loads and packages can be slow and difficult to manoeuvre up curbs, in tight spaces, and through doorways. This, and the need to bend to unload, can lead to users facing strain and injury. Solution: The self-supporting Rotatruck is fitted with a patented omni wheelbase that offers fluid, 360⁰ movement. It eliminates the need to bend and support loads and requires half the pull-back effort of a standard two-wheeler truck. Partner case study: Woolworths needed to improve its back-of-store operations resupplying milk into the rear-loading display fridges. The objective was to reduce injuries, increase productivity and improve the user experience. We developed a specialised Rotatruck to pick up the milk tray stacks from pallets and deliver them to the fridges. This solution reduced forward bends by 87% and time by 21%. High-performing sortation solution Problem: Traditional ball transfer in materials handling units can be complex and expensive to install and require regular maintenance due to damage and lost rollers. They also have set movement and load capacity and can indent packages. Solution: The omnidirectional sortation table is an alternative solution that offers precise, reprogrammable omnidirectional movement. It’s simple to install, robust (reducing maintenance and downtime) and delivers greater load capacity and distribution. Partner case study: US-based conveyor and equipment manufacturer ConveyX Solutions, LLC, wanted to improve and differentiate their conveyor systems using our product and approach. They created the cutting-edge Omni-Directional Divert Table, powered by 24VDC and using Omnia™ Wheels intuitive mobility to enhance efficiency and productivity. A plant trolley that moves effortlessly Problem: People want to be able to move potted plants easily, but existing plant trolleys are hard to move and have a tendency to rust, tip, jam, and break. They’re also not very aesthetically pleasing. Solution: Plant Glider is a plant trolley with a robust, circular six omni wheel base for maximum load stability and a beautiful, sleek design. It moves effortlessly on hard surfaces, doesn’t corrode and comes in a choice of size and colour. A better cane tip for the visually impaired Problem: Existing cane tip balls presented several issues and challenges, including limited sensory feedback and being prone to wear and tear. Solution: Omni Sense is comprised of two durable omni wheels that allow the cane to move easily in any direction and deliver better touch and sound feedback. Bring it to life through collaboration From the Rotatruck to Omni Sense, all came to life through the clever application of our Omnia Wheel, which can be seamlessly integrated into new and existing products. If you’re interested in what our wheel can do for you and your business, we offer access to our in-house team of engineers and innovators who can work with you to design and implement customised solutions. This collaborative approach is what helps bring unique product ideas to life. Be part of the re(evolution) Now you know the capabilities of our omnidirectional wheel and what it can do for your business, it becomes clear why partnering with us can be a game changer. It can help you both stand out from the competition and position yourself as an innovator. With its enhanced capabilities and unlimited possibilities, the omni wheel is set to change the way we move and drive success. Are you ready to design the future of mobility with us? Learn more about Omnia and what we can do for you. Meet us at MODEX 24 (11-14 March) in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact our Sales Manager Paul Pankiw today to schedule an appointment: Mobile/WhatsApp +61 439 291 018 or email


    Industry 4.0 is knocking on the door at our Beresfield production facilities and we are taking all the steps to be ready. Over the past year, we've made substantial investments to meet increasing demand, adding 10 state-of-the-art ARBURG injection moulding machines. This brings the total number of machines now operating on our shop floor to 18. German-made, these new ARBURG machines are, as you would expect, highly engineered. Alongside other new tooling and equipment, they’re enabling us to work faster and more precisely, sending quality and capacity skywards. 800% capacity increase For our 90 mm to 180 mm wheel range, we’ve now got the equivalent of three cells. Each cell can deliver approximately 1,000 wheels per shift, which works out as 3,000 wheels per cell per day. This means we can make somewhere between 9,000 to 10,000 wheels a day when running at full steam. On top of this, we have a fourth cell solely dedicated to the 50mm wheel allowing us to make another 10,000 per day. This equals a capacity increase of 800%. Efficiency and sustainability boost Not only has our capacity increased, but these new moulds and machines have enabled us to reduce waste by 80% due to our investment in tooling technology, including hot runner systems. On top of this, the quality of the product produced ensures our wheels have a long lifecycle, further reducing waste and keeping plastic out of landfill. From an energy perspective, we’ve further invested  in more solar panels. increasing it to a 200-kilowatt system, which covers much of our daily usage. Government grant co-funded To help fund the investment in our new 50 mm cell, we were able to access the  Manufacturing Modernisation Fund Round 2 Grant (under Rotacaster Wheel Pty Ltd) as part of the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy, which aims to help Australian manufacturers scale up. Taking Omnia into a new era As we get our name out there, OEMs, SMEs and product designers around the world are beginning to recognise the capabilities of our multidirectional omni wheels. There’s finally an alternative to the swivel castor. One area where we’re seeing significant growth is in our conveyor sortation tables, particularly from the manufacturing and logistics sectors, where downtime is critical. By investing in all this new equipment, tooling and robotics, we’re ensuring that we can meet the continual growth in demand and take Omnia into a new era. We’ve backed ourselves and created a capability far beyond our current demand because we truly believe in our product. There’s still a lot of work to do on the automation side of things, but we’re now ready to take the omni wheel global. We solve mobility problems large and small with off-the-shelf and custom omni wheel solutions. Whatever your challenge, get in touch, and let’s work towards a solution together.

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