Omni And Multi-directional Conveyor Solutions 


Conveyor Transfer Solutions

OMNIA™ omni-wheels enable the unique design of conveyor transfers on which products can be easily redirected, diverted, sorted, aligned and rotated with a full 360° of freedom, manually as well as powered.


Powered and automated solutions are scalable to load, speed and size and can be repurposed by reprogramming rather than installing new hardware and can be dropped into existing conveyor rails and systems.

  • No pneumatics

  • Easy Integration

  • Compatible with existing conveyor frames

  • 180° product divert range

  • 2880 90 degree diverts, at 100% transfer rate*

  • 4800 90 degree diverts, at 50% transfer rate*

  • 90<270 degrees, available bi-directional divert angle

  • <2.5m/s maximum line speed

  • 250g<50kg load capacity 

  • Sound level 64dBA

  • Tough, strong, Resilient


*Parcel weight = 30kg at full divert rate.

Tough, Strong, Resilient


The corrosion resistant all polymer construction of the multi-directional wheels is pound for pound stronger than any other omni-wheel on the market, suitable for a wide range of conditions indoors and outside.

Easy Installation


Whether manual, powered or automated, OMNIA™ transfer tables can be configured to drop into most existing roller conveyor configurations negating the need for reconstruction.


Divert, sort, align, rotate and more with just one solution. By simply reprogramming a speed change rather than specific manually exchanging hardware, you can adapt and future proof your investment to meet your needs quickly and easily.


The OMNIA transfer solution can scale to adapt for load, speed, and size to match your needs.

You Are In Control

Whether it’s just the mechanical solution, or whether you specify motors, controllers and sensors, you are in control of the logic and performance through your PLC.


The transfer solution can easily adapt to work with existing technology irrespective of whether you use people, air, pushers, robots or other tools to augment the handling of the goods.

Conveyor Configurations

Wheel Size




35mm Extrusion Transfer Table

35mm Extrusion Transfer Table.jpg


35mm Axle Transfer Table

35mm axle transfer table.jpg


50mm Axle Transfer Table


50mm Unstructured Load Transfer Table



50mm Powered Linear Transfer Table

50mm powered linear transfer table.jpg


50mm Powered Angled Transfer Table

50mm powered angled transfer table.jpg


50mm Manual Roller Channel Transfer Table


50mm & 90mm

50mm x 90mm Transposed Automated Transfer Table

50mmx90mm transposed automated transfer
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